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Each year, G3DPS provides a unique 3D Printing and Industrial Design experience filled with creativity, personalisation and professional quality products. Our service allows fast turnaround of your 3D designs. Our fun and unforgettable experience promotes the development of design engineering, technology, and creativity for everyone. No 3D file? No problem. With the best 3D modelling software in the world, we can turn your hand drawings or original models into 3D printable files.


Learn About Us

George's 3D Printing Services is a business located near Bath in the UK. We manage a wide variety of 3d printing projects from small individual projects to large projects requiring lots of parts. We are 100% dedicated to great customer service and are always available for any questions you may have. We can create 3d designs of your ideas to help you make your thoughts become REAL. We use the latest Autodesk Inventor CAD software to do this. It's also important to note that we use a wide variety of materials ranging from PLA to ABS and PETG and much more. This allows us to choose the best material for your needs. It also allows us to make functional prototypes with moving parts.


Our Photo Gallery

Check out some of the items we have made. Many of these items have been jobs for clients and others have been my own designs and projects. All our made with our new and best 3d printers. All of these items and many more are available as samples free of charge. If you would like to learn more about borrowing samples please visit the contact section.

Swirl design made using silver PLA
Jewellery Box
Bath Rugby ball designed by a local designing business
3d object to test my 3d printer's performance
headphone band used for a client. He is very pleased with the result.
Torture test print for one of our 3d printers
Spinning top
egg cup design we made
Nut and bolt which fit together perfectly.
two gears which mesh very well
wheel design made using Auodesk Inventor software
steering wheel design we made using the Autodesk Inventor software
bee hive component for a client
3d benchy torture test
ratchet made using Autodesk Inventor
Whistle with keyring
weir made for a an existing project
3d printer component for a client who had a part brake on his 3d printer
Test print for one of our 3d printers


Bath, UK, BA2 0EU

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