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George's 3D Printing Services makes your designs become real

Each year, George's 3D Printing Services provides a unique 3D Printing and Industrial Design experience filled with creativity, personalisation and professional quality products. Our services are designed for anyone who wants a model but didn't know they could get it or they couldn't find it or get it anywhere else.  Our fun and unforgettable experience promotes the development of design engineering, technology, and creativity for everyone. To create your thoughts become real, we can even design your ideas as well as 3d printing them by using the latest Autodesk Inventor CAD software.


Our Photo Gallery

Check out some of the items we have made. Many of these items have been jobs for clients and others have been my own designs and projects. All our made with our new and best 3d printers. All of these items and many more are available as samples free of charge. If you would like to learn more about borrowing samples please visit the contact section.



Bath, UK, BA2 0EU


George's 3D Printing Services

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Bath, UK, BA2 0EU

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